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Too Many Maybes...

by Carol Norton

Maybe Mrs. Mitchell had been kidnapped, maybe killed, or maybe she had just run away from her husband. Maybe someone had dug up Mr. Haymer’s prize-winning tulips, just before Beautification Week out of jealousy, or maybe there was a body buried there. Maybe the man in the green car was a police stakeout, or maybe he was a bad guy casing the Mitchell house or worse, maybe he was watching them. Maybe if Deanie hadn’t stretched the truth a little, and maybe if Izzy hadn’t fallen for it like usual, they wouldn’t’ have landed in the middle of a dangerous mystery, but they did. And there were too many maybes.

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The Ducks and Diamonds Mystery - Abbie, Girl Spy

by Darren J. Butler

When Abbie visits her former partner, Becca, in Memphis, the girls stumble across a mystery at the Peabody Hotel.  The famous ducks have been stolen.

Join the super sleuths as the they try to decipher puzzles, chase down clues and journey across downtown Memphis to find the ducknappers.

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Finder's Magic

by C.M. Fleming

1911. Atlanta, Georgia


Hank McCord accidentally witnesses his best friend’s murder by two mill supervisors. There’s another witness, Calvin Yates, is a Negro boy about Hank’s age but the problem is that the murderers are adults in positions of authority and, as Calvin asks Hank, “Who’s goin’ to believeus?”

The murderers see the boys and so begins a chase that forces the boys to flee to the only person who can help them–the Finder. Some call the Finder a conjure woman, a witch, a finder of lost things, a fixer. Though blind, the old woman “sees” things — and has other powers that Hank finds nearly as terrifying as the murderers on his heels.

The immediate tension and distrust between the two boys grows until it threatens to destroy both. They have been framed for the murder of Hank’s friend...

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The Masterpiece - Abbie, Girl Spy

by Darren J. Butler

Abbie Walker returns in The Masterpiece, the fourth novel featuring the young super sleuth.  When Abbie takes the leading role in the local theatre group’s production of The Secret Garden, she begins to hear something that no one else does – the voice of a ghost that haunts the theatre!  Abbie and her friends become entangled in an adventure that involves a mystery that has been fifty-seven years in the making!

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Will Paris Burn?

by Annie Laura Smith

On August 23, 1944, Adolf Hitler issued an order to the new commanding General of Paris, Dietrich von Choltitz.  This order set forth Hitler’s final decision on the fate of Paris.

Paris must not fall into the hands of the enemy, or it if does, he must find there nothing but a field of ruins.

For the last four years, Pierre Dumay has fought with the French Resistance against the hated Germans.  He has learned how to make the Germans pay for the deaths of his brother and mother.  Now fate has put him in the position where he must work with a German general to save Paris.

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Mission: Shanghai – A Nick Grant Adventure

by Jamie Dodson

It’s 1936 and Lieutenant Commander Toshio Miyazaki of the Imperial Japanese Naval Intelligence Directorate and member of the secret Black Dragon Society receives a new mission. He is to steal the secret US Naval radio codes that keep American communications secure. Miyazaki is pleased as the mission provides another opportunity to kill Nick Grant.

Nick’s family moves to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, out of the reach of Miyazaki and the Black Dragons. In Rio, Nick is reunited with his old boss, Bill Grooch. But Grooch is really there to recruit Nick into the US Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI).  ONI has missions for Nick under the guise of being a Pan American pilot.

The duo fly to Stratford, Connecticut  to pick up a new Sikorsky S-43 amphibian and fly it to Alameda. Meanwhile, Miyazaki has arrived in San Francisco.  He steals the US Naval codes and escapes on a French passenger ship headed for Shanghai, China. Grooch comes up with a mad plan: Fly ahead to Shanghai and use Nick as bait to trap Miyazaki. If the Black Dragon bites, Nick and Grooch will recover the stolen codes. It’s risky but Nick has sworn to make Miyazaki pay for murdering Mac, his mentor and Roger Tanaka, his friend.

Join Nick on his most dangerous mission to date, where he risks all to settle an old score.

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Flying Boats & Spies - A Nick Grant Adventure

by Jamie Dodson

1935! The winds of war have begun to fan the flames of conflict across the Pacific.  As sixteen year old Nick Grant tries to support his mother and sister during the Great Depression, he‘s swept into a deadly contest between spies struggling to control the Pacific Ocean.

Nick’s life changes abruptly the moment world famous aviators, Charles and Anne Lindbergh, land at Alameda airport. After Nick refuels their plane, Anne takes him aside and offers him a month’s wages to deliver a mysterious map case to Bill Grooch, aboard the tramp steamer S.S. North Haven.

Desperate for money, Nick agrees. Suddenly the map case and Grooch catapult him into a quiet, but deadly, cat and mouse game between U.S. and Japanese spies.

Nick becomes a vital player as the U.S. and Japan vie for advantage and control of the strategic islands of the Pacific.

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The Case of the Missing Locket - Abbie, Girl Spy

by Darren J. Butler

“First of all, I’m not a spy.  By definition, spies are people who sneak around and watch other people.  I’m a detective, but Abbie, Girl Detective or Abbie, Private Investigator, or even Abbie, Super Sleuth, sound all wrong.  I have just begun the worst summer of my entire eleven-year existence.  Becca, my best friend and partner in crime, moved to Memphis a few weeks ago and the rest of my summer and my life are down the toilet.

In addition to the misery of losing Becca, I’ve been dreaming about a ghost girl.  She’s looking for someone and I think that someone might be me.  After solving six cases in the past year and a half, I have now become my own client and unfortunately I must find a replacement for Becca.

My choices have been narrowed down to two people – Kirk and Sarah.  After the way Sarah has treated me, I’m fairly sure I can mark her off my list.  Plus, she totally humiliated herself at the pool the other day and I don’t think she would make a very credible partner right now.  Therefore, I have decided to pick Kirk on a trial basis.  I’m going to take a chance and show him the secret office under the greenhouse and let him read the files of cases one through six.  He’s a computer nerd, so he does have some valuable traits.”

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Traitors - A Gander's Cove Mystery

by Mary Ann Taylor

I opened the logbook… and wrote Case Number 43 — Stop the Traitors!

It is 1942 and America has been at war with Germany and Japan for a year.  Overseas, the military is preparing to launch a counterattack against the enemies’ shores.  At home, civilians are rationing to help provide scarce resources to the war effort.  Black markets have sprung up with the use of fake ration books and stamps.

When fake ration stamps appear in Gander’s Cove, Crime Stopper Agent 3, Flannery Banes, is thrown into the middle of the investigation.  She soon discovers most of the town seems to be involved, including her own father!

It is up to Flannery and the Crime Stopper Club to discover the ringleader and…

Stop the Traitors!

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Huntsville, 1892: Clara

by Wanda Vaughn

1892: Huntsville, Alabama: Exciting things are happening that May, but what excites Clara Landers the most are the bicycles she sees around town. After riding double with her bicycle racing hero, Clara is determined to have one of her own. But a girl, riding a bicycle…shocking! And they are expensive!

That doesn’t stop Clara. She tackles some unusual jobs to earn money. But it could take years to save up enough cash. When the local mercantile sponsors a treasure hunt, with a bicycle as the prize, Clara signs up. Now the race is on to find the hidden bicycle piece and win.

Join Clara as she searches Huntsville, using the single clue given: to find the place “only the brave would go.” Can Clara beat the other contestants, especially her annoying neighbor Martin Anderson, to win the prize of her dreams?

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by Pearce & Story

The last thing Cole Erickson needs right now is a distraction.

Improving his swing before baseball season and steeling his nerve to talk to the ravishing Ashley Knutson are all that matters. Unfortunately, he’s just made the cataclysmic mistake of speaking to a stranger-than-strange kid that everyone at Jackson Middle School calls:


Spawned from a naturalistic humanitarian mother, Gordon “Dorkman” Dorfmueller  lives in a bug- and cat-infested house, dresses like something a thrift store vomited, and acts like he just arrived from one of the comic book worlds he spends all of his time drawing. As far as Cole is concerned, Dorkman is a complete waste of space.

But Dorkman begins to follow him everywhere: his classes… home… even the bathroom in his quest to become Cole’s new best friend. Nothing seems to stop him. And Cole fears that his popularity and his chances with Ashley have just been flushed. Things couldn’t be worse.

That is, until Cole’s friends decide to take matters into their own hands and subject Dorkman to a series of escalating pranks that ultimately humiliate Gordon and change Cole’s life forever.

Beware! The Dorkman cometh!

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The Secret of Crybaby Hollow - Abbie, Girl Spy

by Darren J. Butler

Abbie Walker returns in her third book, The Secret of Crybaby Hollow. Urban legends aren’t just in big cities, as the students of Albany Junior High discover during a class assignment.  The small town of Albany, Alabama, has them, too.

Abbie wants to put her sleuthing on hold so she can just enjoy the sixth grade and the whole junior high experience.  But events force Abbie out of “retirement” and back into the spotlight as she begins to solve a series of mysteries that begin in Crybaby Hollow.

Kirk wants Abbie to help him find a missing friend before time runs out.  Sarah joins Abbie in her search for a lost shipment of Confederate gold.  And Abbie discovers that even nightmares have a way of coming to life!

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Dear Jack

by Tammi Sauer

Thirteen-year-old Laney is overjoyed to learn her mother in pregnant.  Months later that joy turns to resentment.  Her mother discovers she has an aggressive form of breast cancer and decides to delay treatment until after the baby is born.  How can Laney possibly accept her mother’s decision as well as the consequences that follow?

During this trying time, Laney must also come to terms with being thirteen.  Laney’s humor and, sometimes, her desperation are evident in how she deals with the ins and outs of middle school life.  As the days of Laney’s unforgettable seventh grade year go by, she learns more about herself, those around her, and the choices people make.

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Saving Da Vinci

by Annie Laura Smith

Sixteen-year-old Stefano Cavadoni’s job can get him killed.  It is 1944 and Stefano is an Italian Partisan, living and working in Rome.  Living a “double-life” because his mother does not have a “need to know,” Stefano risks his life to hinder the German army.  He helps save Italian artwork.  He works a rescue to a downed American airman.  He helps the orphans of Rome reach shelter.  If he can avoid the Gestapo, he might be able to live long enough to see the Allies reach Rome.

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The Legacy of Bletchley Park

by Annie Laura Smith

Mathematicians, linguists, crossword experts and chess champions all worked at Bletchley Park in England to crack the secrets of Germany’s Enigma code during World War II and hastened the end of the war.  Historically, there is no record of a twelve-year-old British girl, fluent in German, translating decoded messages….But what if all secrets have not yet been revealed?  What if it had happened?

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Spies – A Gander’s Cove Mystery

by Mary Ann Taylor


The Japanese have bombed Pearl Harbor.

The Germans are sinking ships off the American coast.

Now, mysterious ships have been seen off shore at night. Mr. Green, the school’s principal, has disappeared under unexplained circumstances.

As the citizens of Gander’s Cove collect scrap metal to aid the war effort, they are unaware of the new menace threatening their security…German Spies!

Bristol Petersen Gander and his Crime Stoppers Club must discover the spy’s identity and mission before it is too late for Gander’s Cove and…America!

First in the Gander’s Cove mystery series.

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Merlin's Curse

by Darren J. Butler

For the seventh time in three years, Lucy Schulman has transferred to a new school.  With the wish that “please let there be just one of them that’s nice,” Lucy opens the door to her new 5th grade classroom.

There Lucy finds Eric, the typical class bully, and Shelley, who asks Lucy to join her in an archeological excavation after school.  Instead of digging with a shovel, Shelley and Lucy explore an attic.  They are looking for items to auction to raise money for the school’s math team.  A puzzle box and a pair of rings threaten the girls’ growing friendship when Lucy is transformed into a cat and Shelley’s life is put in danger.

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China Clipper

by Jamie Dodson

It’s September, 1935, and senior year is tough for Nick Grant.  He’d spent months building Pacific island bases for Pan Am’s great flying boats, the Clippers.  Life aboard the supply ship, piloting the Clipper, and fighting Japanese spies makes life at Alameda High School dull.  At least his part-time job at Pan Am’s Clipper base provides some relief from the monotonous routine of high school.

Suddenly, a series of strange “accidents” cast suspicion on Nick and a Japanese-American mechanic who has become Nick’s mentor.  Has Japanese master spy Miyazaki returned to threaten the Clippers?  Only Nick’s quick thinking had intervened and stopped Miyazaki in the earlier attempts to destroy the flying boats.  If the spy has returned, Nick will need help in stopping him — but from whom?  The FBI ignores his suspicions and most of his co-workers think he is imagining things just to get attention.  Then two new teens enter his life and things only get worse.

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Fat Tuesday

by Susan Vaught

When surviving isn’t good enough, there’s always Mardi Gras.

What does Rusty Quinn do when her mom loses touch with reality, her best friend’s dad explodes over a kiss, her other best friend gets committed to a psych ward, and the sanest person she knows is an egotistical Finnish exchange student who swears in a language nobody understands?  She could write a soap opera, of course – or go to Mardi Gras.  In fact, she could do both!

Funny how destiny comes down to single choices, focused moments, and split-second decisions.  Can running away to Mardi Gras really change four lives forever?

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Lies, Guys, and Alibis

by Carol Norton

It's murder! The cute, new guy in town is found at the bottom of the community swimming pool. Angela's alibi is weak and someone is threatening the kids who were at that pool party.

Izzy and her best friend, Deanie, must help Angela prove that she did not kill the cute new guy. Angela's boyfriend Ross was so mad about the new guy's flirting with Angela that there was a fist fight. Did Ross kill the new guy? Or maybe it was the mysterious girl who watched the party from the other side of the fence?

And what about Deanie's new crush? What's his story? Should Izzy trust her best friend to this guy with a shady past?

Lies, Guys, and Alibis has it all. Murder, lies, deceit and redemption. Carol Norton has returned with another hit teen mystery in her Locksmith series!

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