OnStage Publishing ebook Guidelines

FIRST, you must query and be invited to send your completed manuscript as an attachment. Only invited submissions will have the attachment read!!!!

To be invited, put the first three chapters into the body of an e-mail and send it to us at submissions@onstagepublishing.com Give us an introduction that is a summary of the plot. Further instructions will be emailed to you if you are invited to submit your book.


Mysteries for ages 12 to 17 [grades 6-12]

The story MUST be a mystery.

The subject matter and storyline will be appropriate to the age and experience of the main character. The main characters will be young adults between the ages of 12 and 17. The mystery must be engaging and involve issues to which YA readers can relate.

The story must contain the basic elements of fiction: character, plot, setting, theme and style.

The plot can contain several major characters, but one character should emerge as the focus of the story. The main character should be leading a normal teenage lifestyle, but should have to face a serious crisis during the story. The main character’s actions and decisions should be influential in the outcome of the story.

Language, complexity and conflict resolution must be age appropriate. Know your audience and do not insult your reader’s intelligence.

Avoid being preachy and overly predictable. The main characters should be fundamentally good human beings. They may be unhappy or in difficult circumstances, but at heart they should be good teenagers; side characters may not be so nice.

There should be adult role models in the story, a character the hero or heroine can turn to if they choose to.

Profanity in the dialogue is permitted, but should not be excessive and should be appropriate to the situation. No casual use of profanity by the hero or heroine in everyday conversation.

Smoking, drug use or alcohol abuse by the main character is discouraged, unless used to show character growth.

Drug or alcohol use by secondary characters is acceptable, but should also show character development.

Descriptions of violence will be kept to a minimum. No excessive on-stage violence will be accepted  i.e. rape, child abuse or cruelty to animals.

Each story MUST be a mystery and the resolution must be by the main character. Secondary characters or adults may have a helping role but cannot do it for the main character.