• The Adventures of Tooten and Ter: A Nose for Trouble - by Chris McCloskey Terrance O’Connell is still teaching Tooten, a small service dog, new tricks. When fate closed the door on Tooten getting into Service Dog Academy, it opened another door to Tooten becoming a Canine Ambassador in the Helping Paws Progam. It also allowed Tooten and Ter to continue helping people find missing items. […]
  • The Adventures of Tooten and Ter: A Nose for St. Patrick’s Day - by Chris McCloskey Meet Tooten and Ter, an unlikely crime-busting duo. Terrance has been dropped into the Colorado foster system and is lucky enough to find a great foster dad. He also gets the best companion ever in Tooten, a small mixed breed dog who is in training to be a service animal. Together, Tooten […]
  • Bad News Cruise - by Carol Norton Izzy and Deanie are going on a five-day cruise with their high school Spanish club to Mexico. Even Angela, Izzy’s older sister, is going so Izzy’s parents don’t worry that the girls could get into trouble. But there’s mystery aboard The Gulf Seas and Izzy and Deanie get right in the middle of it. […]
  • The Adventures of Tooten and Ter: A Nose for Crime - by Chris McCloskey Thirteen-year-old Terrance O’Connell thought his life was over when he met his foster father, Captain Leroy Gonzalez. Although growing up in a family of small-time criminals had its drawbacks, this placement with an old, retired police captain seemed like an unendurable situation. Then Ter met Tooten, Cap’s service-dog-in-training. They formed a partnership, […]
  • Lies, Guys, and Alibis - by Carol Norton It’s murder! The cute, new guy in town is found at the bottom of the community swimming pool. Angela’s alibi is weak and someone is threatening the kids who were at that pool party. Izzy and her best friend, Deanie, must help Angela prove that she did not kill the cute new […]
  • Too Many Maybes… - by Carol Norton Maybe Mrs. Mitchell had been kidnapped, maybe killed, or maybe she had just run away from her husband. Maybe someone had dug up Mr. Haymer’s prize-winning tulips, just before Beautification Week out of jealousy, or maybe there was a body buried there. Maybe the man in the green car was a police […]
  • Flying Boats & Spies – A Nick Grant Adventure - by Jamie Dodson 1935! The winds of war have begun to fan the flames of conflict across the Pacific.  As sixteen year old Nick Grant tries to support his mother and sister during the Great Depression, he‘s swept into a deadly contest between spies struggling to control the Pacific Ocean. Nick’s life changes abruptly the […]