Finder’s Magic

by C.M. Fleming

1911. Atlanta, Georgia


Hank McCord accidentally witnesses his best friend’s murder by two mill supervisors. There’s another witness, Calvin Yates, is a Negro boy about Hank’s age but the problem is that the murderers are adults in positions of authority and, as Calvin asks Hank, “Who’s goin’ to believeus?”

The murderers see the boys and so begins a chase that forces the boys to flee to the only person who can help them–the Finder. Some call the Finder a conjure woman, a witch, a finder of lost things, a fixer. Though blind, the old woman “sees” things — and has other powers that Hank finds nearly as terrifying as the murderers on his heels.

The immediate tension and distrust between the two boys grows until it threatens to destroy both. They have been framed for the murder of Hank’s friend…