Heroes – A Gander’s Cove Mystery

by Mary Ann Taylor

Crime Stopper’s Oath: I pledge to uncover the enemies of my country whoever they may be.

It is 1943 and a new mystery threatens Gander’s Cove. Why are trucks delivering unused coffins in the dead of night to a closed funeral home? What was transported in them that needed the secrecy? Was for the war effort…or against it?

Out of the last 131 Crime Stopper Cases, Bristol Peterson had solved 81. Flannery Banes had solved 49. Even Sam, a first grader, had solved the case of the missing chalk and helped Bristol find Mr. Green. Henry Maloney, CS-2, AKA Lookout Man, had solved zero cases, but that was about to change.

The package Henry was getting in the mail would help him solve the next Crime Stopper case or he would resign as CS-2. He’d go back to being plain-ol’ weird Henry…the boy who reads too many ghost stories and sits in the cemetery, singing, trying to raise the dead.

Third in the Gander’s Cove Mystery Series