Huntsville, 1892: Clara

by Wanda Vaughn

1892: Huntsville, Alabama: Exciting things are happening that May, but what excites Clara Landers the most are the bicycles she sees around town. After riding double with her bicycle racing hero, Clara is determined to have one of her own. But a girl, riding a bicycle…shocking! And they are expensive!

That doesn’t stop Clara. She tackles some unusual jobs to earn money. But it could take years to save up enough cash. When the local mercantile sponsors a treasure hunt, with a bicycle as the prize, Clara signs up. Now the race is on to find the hidden bicycle piece and win.

Join Clara as she searches Huntsville, using the single clue given: to find the place “only the brave would go.” Can Clara beat the other contestants, especially her annoying neighbor Martin Anderson, to win the prize of her dreams?