Traitors – A Gander’s Cove Mystery

by Mary Ann Taylor

I opened the logbook… and wrote Case Number 43 — Stop the Traitors!

It is 1942 and America has been at war with Germany and Japan for a year.  Overseas, the military is preparing to launch a counterattack against the enemies’ shores.  At home, civilians are rationing to help provide scarce resources to the war effort.  Black markets have sprung up with the use of fake ration books and stamps.

When fake ration stamps appear in Gander’s Cove, Crime Stopper Agent 3, Flannery Banes, is thrown into the middle of the investigation.  She soon discovers most of the town seems to be involved, including her own father!

It is up to Flannery and the Crime Stopper Club to discover the ringleader and…

Stop the Traitors!