Huntsville, 1892: Clara


by Wanda Vaughn


1892: Huntsville, Alabama: Exciting things are happening that May, but what excites Clara Landers the most are the bicycles she sees around town. After riding double with her bicycle racing hero, Clara is determined to have one of her own. But a girl, riding a bicycle…shocking! And they are expensive!

That doesn’t stop Clara. She tackles some unusual jobs to earn money. But it could take years to save up enough cash. When the local mercantile sponsors a treasure hunt, with a bicycle as the prize, Clara signs up. Now the race is on to find the hidden bicycle piece and win.

Join Clara as she searches Huntsville, using the single clue given: to find the place “only the brave would go.” Can Clara beat the other contestants, especially her annoying neighbor Martin Anderson, to win the prize of her dreams?


I thoroughly enjoyed Clara’s adventures in her quest to get the best bicycle in town. Her determination to go after her dream would be an inspiration to kids of any age, even the grownup ones. The local history is well researched and adds just the right touch to Clara’s quest. I would highly recommend this book when it is published later this year.

— Dean Della Pell, Spring City Cycling Club


The world is changing and Clara wants to be a part of it. Through her efforts, she walks readers through the golden age of Huntsville, Alabama’s past and introduces us to the people and places that made it so. Huntsville’s fascinating history is brought to life in three dimensions, and author Wanda Vaughn has done an excellent job of appealing to all of our senses with her outstanding writing style. This is a heartwarming book for teens, adults, historians, and those who enjoy traveling the world through the printed word.

— Jacquelyn Procter Reeves, author of Hidden History of North Alabama, Wicked North Alabama, Historic Photos of Huntsville, Remembering Huntsville


Exuberant and full of life, Wanda Vaughn’s Clara draws the reader deep into the charm of Huntsville, Alabama at the turn of the 20th century. Eleven- year-old Clara Landers schemes to get a bicycle of her own despite the expense and Victorian society’s disapproval. Among many of her trials and tribulations, she faces a crabby neighbor and a famous cow to earn the money. But when she joins a treasure hunt for the ultimate prize Clara risks all. Humorous situations abound as we come to truly love Clara’s spunk and admire her drive. Writing with a deep love of life and her native Alabama, Wanda Vaughn’s talent shines through the pages of this delightful chapter book. Clara is a wonderfully written start to the Alabama Girls series and is perfect for boys and girls of all ages.

— Jamie Dodson, author of the award winning Nick Grant Adventures series, Flying Boat & Spies, China Clipper, and coming soon – Mission: Shanghai


From the opening lines, Clara’s spunky personality shines through. This story is brimming with heart-warming humor and courage. Through Clara’s eyes, Vaughn allows the reader to experience Huntsville at the end of the 19th century with fascinating historical facts and intriguing characters.

— Connie Flemming, author of Finder’s Magic

About Wanda Vaughn

Wanda discovered that she liked to write when she was in the fifth grade. She wrote poetry, short stories, and puppet skits throughout her school years. Her wild imagination had to have an outlet somewhere.

She grew up in Huntsville, Alabama, hearing stories of rocket ships and the river, the mills and Monte Sano. After discovering the joys and challenges of research, she sat down to write about Clara. Alice’s story followed. Jaime is the next Alabama Girl and her story will be told in Talladega, 1969: Jamie. Look for that book in 2017.

When Wanda isn’t writing, she loves to read, bake, and go fishing. She has four dogs, one cat, two daughters, three grandsons, and one husband. Her life is full!