Lies, Guys, and Alibis


by Carol Norton

It’s murder! The cute, new guy in town is found at the bottom of the community swimming pool. Angela’s alibi is weak and someone is threatening the kids who were at that pool party.

Izzy and her best friend, Deanie, must help Angela prove that she did not kill the cute new guy. Angela’s boyfriend Ross was so mad about the new guy’s flirting with Angela that there was a fist fight. Did Ross kill the new guy? Or maybe it was the mysterious girl who watched the party from the other side of the fence?

And what about Deanie’s new crush? What’s his story? Should Izzy trust her best friend to this guy with a shady past?

About Carol Norton

When Carol Norton was seven years old, she wrote a story about her doll, Precious. She hid the paper inside a book and read it to her mother, pretending it was a published story. Her mother was completely fooled, of course, and said the story was the best one she had ever heard—and wasn’t it amazing that the book had a doll named Precious, just like Carol did! Thus encouraged, Carol decided to become a writer.

She was published briefly in high school and college publications, then put writing aside for the next twenty-five years to teach English in the public schools of four states, and then to teach gifted English with an emphasis on writing in Alabama, where she lives now. During this time she gravitated toward young teens as her subject matter because of their humor, their heart, and their habit of constantly getting into and out of impossible situations.

After retiring from the classroom, she completed three novels before she settled down to writing mysteries for teens with The Locksmith Series. Today, she spends her writing time in the mythical town of Springville, creating dangerous crimes for her two main characters, Izzy and Deanie, to solve.