Mission: Shanghai – A Nick Grant Adventure


by Jamie Dodson


It’s 1936 and Lieutenant Commander Toshio Miyazaki of the Imperial Japanese Naval Intelligence Directorate and member of the secret Black Dragon Society receives a new mission. He is to steal the secret US Naval radio codes that keep American communications secure. Miyazaki is pleased as the mission provides another opportunity to kill Nick Grant.

Nick’s family moves to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, out of the reach of Miyazaki and the Black Dragons. In Rio, Nick is reunited with his old boss, Bill Grooch. But Grooch is really there to recruit Nick into the US Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI). ONI has missions for Nick under the guise of being a Pan American pilot.

The duo fly to Stratford, Connecticut to pick up a new Sikorsky S-43 amphibian and fly it to Alameda. Meanwhile, Miyazaki has arrived in San Francisco. He steals the US Naval codes and escapes on a French passenger ship headed for Shanghai, China. Grooch comes up with a mad plan: Fly ahead to Shanghai and use Nick as bait to trap Miyazaki. If the Black Dragon bites, Nick and Grooch will recover the stolen codes. It’s risky but Nick has sworn to make Miyazaki pay for murdering Mac, his mentor and Roger Tanaka, his friend.

Join Nick on his most dangerous mission to date, where he risks all to settle an old score.

About Jamie Dodson

Jamie has over 25 years of experience in Counter Intelligence, Special Intelligence, Signals Intelligence and Intelligence Analysis for the US Military.  He’s served with Special Operations, Army Aviation, Airborne Infantry, and Military Police. He’s been involved in operations in Laos, Viet Nam, Cambodia, Germany, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Japan, Korea, Guam, Samoa, the Hawaiian Islands and the continental United States.

This has given him a uncommon understanding that provides the basis for this well-told tale of international intrigue. He started writing novels in 2001. Flying Boats & Spies is the first in the Nick Grant Adventure series. In 2010, China Clipper, the second in the Nick Grant Adventure series debuted to great reviews.

Currently, Jamie is a Technology Protection Officer for the Security and Intelligence Division, US Army, Aviation and Missile Research, Development and Engineering Center (AMRDEC), Intelligence Division.

He is married with three grown children. They have a spoiled Australian Sheppard named Gracie and now call Huntsville, Alabama home.

Coming soon – Book IV  Mission: Hughes H-1
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