The Adventures of Tooten and Ter: A Nose for Trouble


by Chris McCloskey

Terrance O’Connell is still teaching Tooten, a small service dog, new tricks. When fate closed the door on Tooten getting into Service Dog Academy, it opened another door to Tooten becoming a Canine Ambassador in the Helping Paws Progam. It also allowed Tooten and Ter to continue helping people find missing items. Captain Leroy Gonzalez, Ter’s foster dad, warns Ter about his occasional stunning lapses of solid judgment but Ter still manages to get involved in more mysteries with his seeing “breaks in the pattern.” Tooten is a willing accomplice. Together they solve mysteries in Boulder, New York, Seattle and Chicago.

About Chris McCloskey

Chris McCloskey lives in Broomfield Colorado, with her husband. She stays busy balancing her writing for children, teaching ESL at Front Range Community College, and raising service puppies for Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Her first book for OnStage Publishing’s e-book mysteries deals with a subject near and dear to Chris’ heart–guide dogs. In the first Tooten and Ter Adventure, A Nose for Crime, Chris introduces us to Terrance, a thirteen year-old in foster care, and to Tooten, a guide dog in training.

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