The Legacy of Bletchley Park


by Annie Laura Smith


Mathematicians, linguists, crossword experts and chess champions all worked at Bletchley Park in England to crack the secrets of Germany’s Enigma code during World War II and hastened the end of the war.  Historically, there is no record of a twelve-year-old British girl, fluent in German, translating decoded messages….But what if all secrets have not yet been revealed?  What if it had happened?

About Annie Laura Smith

Annie Laura Smith has over 250 publications and is an instructor for the Institute of Children’s Literature.  In addition to her published World War II historical trilogy, she co-authored a First Grade Math Textbook for Ethiopia under a USAID grant, and adapted the classic, The Pioneers, by James Fenimore Cooper to Reading Level 4 for the EDCON Publishing Group. She has written a WWII trilogy for OnStage Publishing which details the lives of teenagers in England, France and Italy.